I Think You Dropped Something

The other day I was standing on Melrose outside a Glossier pop and had just gotten off the phone with a friend when I turned around and noticed that three men where standing behind me waiting to talk to me. I said “hello” in an annoyed tone and one of them said “hi, miss you’re gorgeous. Can I get to know you?”. I told him sorry I’m not interested and began to walk away. He and his friends followed me as I walked to my car and continued to ask me questions. What’s your name, where are you from, do you have a boyfriend? I answered in a calm tone but reiterated to them that I was not interested and wanted to be left alone. Despite my clear discomfort they continued to follow me and tell me how they were music producers and were about to go to the beach and suggested that I come with them. Three men I have never met before harassing me in broad daylight and who did not care that I have already said  that I wanted to be left alone. I had used all the statements I had been taught to say in these types of situations. “Sorry I’m not interested, I have a boyfriend, thank you but I’m on the way to an appointment.” Everything I could think of to get them to leave me alone but they would not let up and I realized that the faster I walked the closer I was getting to my car which was parked on a random side street. If I made it to the random side street then I would be alone with these 3 guys. By the grace of God I swear I got a sign from above to turn around and say “Oh my god I think you dropped something!” They all turned around and start looking for this imaginary item on the floor and I booked it. Walked as fast as I could, got in my car, and pulled out of that spot like Paul Walker in Fast and the Furious. Moral of the story MEN - after a woman tells you to leave her the fuck alone, leave her the fuck alone. Do not follow her to her car in an attempt to get her to come with you. You’re fucking scary and have no right. Girls if these guys will not leave you alone and you are legitimately scared call the police or say “hey I think you dropped something.” Sorry to get so serious but this stuff is scary and needs to stop. 


Every morning I write down positive affirmations. They usually go something like “I am strong, powerful, fun, happy, loving, kind, sexy.” I have been writing these affirmations down every morning for at least a year and I truly believe it has changed my life.

I have always been a very self conscious person. Some would call me insecure and through reciting these affirmations everyday (and tons of other work that I have had to do on myself)I think I have changed my life for the better. I have become a more confident, strong, and secure person through lying to myself and saying that I was.

It is very much a fake it till you make it mindset. I was none of the things that I claimed to be when I started writing these affirmations, or at least I didn’t think that I was. Once I figured out that you can decide to be whatever you want to I decided that I would be strong and secure and happy and powerful and all I had to do was say that I was and gradually overtime I would become it. It seems like some crazy witch magic shit which it kind of is but also it totally works if you truly believe that it can.

It takes time and if you don’t receive immediate results you might feel like giving up but if you truly believe and have faith over time your dreams or affirmative feelings will manifest. Take my word for it, I have zero credentials :)



Gratitude Sunday

No the title doesn’t rhyme or have alliteration. Not everything has to rhyme! It’s just Sunday and I’m grateful :)

I am going to attempt to write 5 things that I am grateful for every Sunday on this blog that no one reads. I already write 10+ things that I am grateful for everyday in my gratitude journal, along with trying to practice gratitude all throughout the day but I figure “why the hell not sprinkle a little more gratitude into my life?” Shall we?

  1. Jordyn - Jordyn is the newest member of my family. She has 6 teeth, pukes all over herself everyday, and constantly has a smile on her face. She’s the best little human in the world and I am so glad she choice my family to take care of her.

  2. My Sisters - I love my sisters. They are so perfect and hilarious and I could not imagine migrating through this life without them. From the womb to the tomb.

  3. Water - I’ve been drinking a lot more water recently after my mama gave me this really cute pink jug and I gotta say, that shit is A1! I give water 5/5 stars. My skin looks better, I feel better, I realized that a lot of the time when I am feeling really cranky its because I haven’t had enough water. Crazy. Thank you water.

  4. The Gym - I’m fucking ripped right now and I owe it all to the gym! No but seriously since I have started exercises regularly I have felt so much better and look so much better and I am just so happy and proud of myself.

  5. Sleep - Since I have been working out I have been sleeping a lot better. I am so exhausted by the end of the day and it has helped with my sleep so much. I could not be more grateful. I have always had problems sleeping and to be able to lay down and just pass out is the best feeling in the world. Thank you.

I hope my Sunday posts inspire others to make a list of things that that they are grateful for. It truly helps to put things into perspective and make you remember that shit could probably be worse.




My entire life I have had a problem with making decisions. I can never decide what to eat, what movie I want to see, and worst of all, I could never decide what I wanted to be. By “be” I mean what I wanted to do with my life. What impact I wanted to leave on this cold, cruel world.

In high school I always thought everyone had it figured out. Everyone already knew that they wanted to act, sing, be a lawyer, doctor, nurse, musician, olympic speed skater, what have you and I literally had no idea. I studied art and was good at painting but I never really envisioned myself becoming an artist. I always saw it as more of a hobby or something I would do as a side hustle to make myself seem more interesting than I actually am.

I went to college, studied Communication and Business and still had no idea . It really wasn’t until I left school that I slowly started to figure it out. It finally came to me one day. Not what I wanted to be but how I was gonna figure it out. I just had to decide. Duh. My whole life I thought people were born with these God given talents and told by Jesus at birth that they were gonna be an astronaut or a biochemist or Taylor Swift and that‘s just not true. It seems obvious now but I swear I had no idea that every successful person, or every person rather, didn’t receive some message from God, they just decided that they were gonna be what they were gonna be.

Tons of factors come into play when deciding on a career. Usually it’s a combination or what you’re good at, what you enjoy/can tolerate doing for long periods of time, and what can make you some money but moral of the story: you have to decide. You are the creator of your life. The pen is in your hand. You can not sit on the sidelines and wait for the answer to come to you like I did for a quarter of a century. You have to get up, get in the game, and put that ball in the hoop, or net, or hole, or whatever the hell and decide what you want to do in this simulation…I mean with your life :)



Clean Your House

Since I am an expert on life and how to go about it , I figured I would share my #1 tip on how to improve your journey around the sun. And no, me being a professional organizer and cleaning and tidying homes for a living has nothing to do with this. I am not trying to persuade you into hiring me. I’m just here offering a helpful tip on how to make your life that much sweeter! Enjoy :)

Clean your House - Every morning when I wake up I clean my house for at least 30 minutes. I wash the left over dishes, pick up whatever mess I left on the floor from the night before, sweep, Swifter, vacuum, clorox wipe every counter, make my bed, the list goes on. I have been doing this for forever, or at least thats what it feels like. It is definitely not something that I am excited to do every morning but rather something that I have to do. There has always been a voice in my head that craves order and hates clutter. I can’t stand a mess and even more than that I can’t stand when other people view me as being messy. Yes that is my dirty little secret that I also Swifter up every morning :)

Aside from being obsessive compulsive and my peers viewing me as being a slob, over the years I realized that I genuinely feel better when my house is neat and tidy. I have space to roam and work, I don’t have to worry about falling over shoes or shirts post tequila Tuesday’s, I know where everything is because it’s in its place, and if anyone comes by unannounced (mom, grandma) I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed because I have a bunch of shit all over the floor.

This is obvious. There are a million blog posts and books about the benefits of cleaning and tidying up your home and now there are a million and one.

Take your shoes off once you get into the house, wash your hands, and take out the trash. Making your bed is up to you. I’d be lying if I said I did that everyday.



P.S. Hire me @ remedydesignla.com

Gratitude Journal

Everyday when I wake up I write in my gratitude journal. It was given to me by a friend and at first I had no idea what to do with it and now I have no idea what to do without it.

Practicing gratitude and writing down a list of what I am a grateful for has changed my life more than eating healthy, working out, and even drinking more water. I use to consider myself to be a very negative and jealous person. I was always envious of what other people had and wondered why I wasn’t given those things? Why couldn’t I be so lucky? I’m not sure who told me to start one but one day, years ago, I started writing down five things that I am grateful for every morning. I would write down basic shit like “I am grateful for water, coffee, animals, the sun, and my family.” Stuff that everyone is or should be grateful for but it was the truth, I really am grateful for those things/people but I never took the time to stop and think about how bleak and meaningless my life would be without them.

If you want to change your life for the better start a gratitude journal. Write down 5 things a day that you are grateful for. It can be as simple as “I am grateful for my computer, my car, the sun, my mom, and music.” Write them down once a day (maybe twice once you really get into it) and see how your perspective on life changes. It’s bananas but you will go from negative to positive in a short period of time and wonder why you had not been practicing gratitude all along :)



My Morning Routine

Try to be up by 6 am but I fail at that nearly everyday. My alarm goes off but I often lay there and let it buzz until I can’t take it anymore then I turn if off and fall back asleep. After about 30 minutes I’m ready to actually get up but instead of doing that I scroll through Instagram and check all my emails then go on twitter. You know the drill. Once I’m finally, finally up up I chug a little water, pee, wash my hands, brush my teeth and take off whatever remnants of make up I forgot to take off the night before with a cotton pad and CVS brand witch hazel. Then its time to take off my pajamas *cough* underwear and put on my work out clothes. Sports bra thats too tight first and then some spandex shorts from target like 5 years ago. They’re still cute. Once I’ve wrestled to put my athletic gear on I make some coffee with my top of the line Keurig, pour myself a glass of water from my top of the line Brita (with an expired filter) (I have no idea if it still does anything, honestly I have no idea if it has ever done anything but it’s good storage for water so fuck it, taps not so bad) and sit down in my mid century modern stone gray chair that I found outside a recently out of business therapists office.

From here I fuck around on my phone some more (yes I know I have a problem) and once I’m done doing that I plan out every thing I have to do for the day. This list usually includes errands, laundry, paying bills, boring adult shit. From there I write in my gratitude journal. I’m going to be making a whole separate post about that but I basically write down everything that I am grateful for. It’s a long list. I get up. Clean. I’ll be making a separate post about that as well but after that I work out and eat a little breakfast and take a shower.

It’s a long morning routine and I don’t do this everyday. Most days I am in a rush and maybe do half but taking the time in the morning to focus on myself and relax before I begin my day is really beneficial to me and positively impacts the rest of my day. I think :)



Me by Neave

Welcome to Krystal By Design!

Welcome to my website! I am going to be posting about everything from my hair to my morning routine to interior design. I am really excited to get started and hope you enjoy my posts :)