My Morning Routine

Try to be up by 6 am but I fail at that nearly everyday. My alarm goes off but I often lay there and let it buzz until I can’t take it anymore then I turn if off and fall back asleep. After about 30 minutes I’m ready to actually get up but instead of doing that I scroll through Instagram and check all my emails then go on twitter. You know the drill. Once I’m finally, finally up up I chug a little water, pee, wash my hands, brush my teeth and take off whatever remnants of make up I forgot to take off the night before with a cotton pad and CVS brand witch hazel. Then its time to take off my pajamas *cough* underwear and put on my work out clothes. Sports bra thats too tight first and then some spandex shorts from target like 5 years ago. They’re still cute. Once I’ve wrestled to put my athletic gear on I make some coffee with my top of the line Keurig, pour myself a glass of water from my top of the line Brita (with an expired filter) (I have no idea if it still does anything, honestly I have no idea if it has ever done anything but it’s good storage for water so fuck it, taps not so bad) and sit down in my mid century modern stone gray chair that I found outside a recently out of business therapists office.

From here I fuck around on my phone some more (yes I know I have a problem) and once I’m done doing that I plan out every thing I have to do for the day. This list usually includes errands, laundry, paying bills, boring adult shit. From there I write in my gratitude journal. I’m going to be making a whole separate post about that but I basically write down everything that I am grateful for. It’s a long list. I get up. Clean. I’ll be making a separate post about that as well but after that I work out and eat a little breakfast and take a shower.

It’s a long morning routine and I don’t do this everyday. Most days I am in a rush and maybe do half but taking the time in the morning to focus on myself and relax before I begin my day is really beneficial to me and positively impacts the rest of my day. I think :)