Clean Your House

Since I am an expert on life and how to go about it , I figured I would share my #1 tip on how to improve your journey around the sun. And no, me being a professional organizer and cleaning and tidying homes for a living has nothing to do with this. I am not trying to persuade you into hiring me. I’m just here offering a helpful tip on how to make your life that much sweeter! Enjoy :)

Clean your House - Every morning when I wake up I clean my house for at least 30 minutes. I wash the left over dishes, pick up whatever mess I left on the floor from the night before, sweep, Swifter, vacuum, clorox wipe every counter, make my bed, the list goes on. I have been doing this for forever, or at least thats what it feels like. It is definitely not something that I am excited to do every morning but rather something that I have to do. There has always been a voice in my head that craves order and hates clutter. I can’t stand a mess and even more than that I can’t stand when other people view me as being messy. Yes that is my dirty little secret that I also Swifter up every morning :)

Aside from being obsessive compulsive and my peers viewing me as being a slob, over the years I realized that I genuinely feel better when my house is neat and tidy. I have space to roam and work, I don’t have to worry about falling over shoes or shirts post tequila Tuesday’s, I know where everything is because it’s in its place, and if anyone comes by unannounced (mom, grandma) I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed because I have a bunch of shit all over the floor.

This is obvious. There are a million blog posts and books about the benefits of cleaning and tidying up your home and now there are a million and one.

Take your shoes off once you get into the house, wash your hands, and take out the trash. Making your bed is up to you. I’d be lying if I said I did that everyday.



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