My entire life I have had a problem with making decisions. I can never decide what to eat, what movie I want to see, and worst of all, I could never decide what I wanted to be. By “be” I mean what I wanted to do with my life. What impact I wanted to leave on this cold, cruel world.

In high school I always thought everyone had it figured out. Everyone already knew that they wanted to act, sing, be a lawyer, doctor, nurse, musician, olympic speed skater, what have you and I literally had no idea. I studied art and was good at painting but I never really envisioned myself becoming an artist. I always saw it as more of a hobby or something I would do as a side hustle to make myself seem more interesting than I actually am.

I went to college, studied Communication and Business and still had no idea . It really wasn’t until I left school that I slowly started to figure it out. It finally came to me one day. Not what I wanted to be but how I was gonna figure it out. I just had to decide. Duh. My whole life I thought people were born with these God given talents and told by Jesus at birth that they were gonna be an astronaut or a biochemist or Taylor Swift and that‘s just not true. It seems obvious now but I swear I had no idea that every successful person, or every person rather, didn’t receive some message from God, they just decided that they were gonna be what they were gonna be.

Tons of factors come into play when deciding on a career. Usually it’s a combination or what you’re good at, what you enjoy/can tolerate doing for long periods of time, and what can make you some money but moral of the story: you have to decide. You are the creator of your life. The pen is in your hand. You can not sit on the sidelines and wait for the answer to come to you like I did for a quarter of a century. You have to get up, get in the game, and put that ball in the hoop, or net, or hole, or whatever the hell and decide what you want to do in this simulation…I mean with your life :)