Every morning I write down positive affirmations. They usually go something like “I am strong, powerful, fun, happy, loving, kind, sexy.” I have been writing these affirmations down every morning for at least a year and I truly believe it has changed my life.

I have always been a very self conscious person. Some would call me insecure and through reciting these affirmations everyday (and tons of other work that I have had to do on myself)I think I have changed my life for the better. I have become a more confident, strong, and secure person through lying to myself and saying that I was.

It is very much a fake it till you make it mindset. I was none of the things that I claimed to be when I started writing these affirmations, or at least I didn’t think that I was. Once I figured out that you can decide to be whatever you want to I decided that I would be strong and secure and happy and powerful and all I had to do was say that I was and gradually overtime I would become it. It seems like some crazy witch magic shit which it kind of is but also it totally works if you truly believe that it can.

It takes time and if you don’t receive immediate results you might feel like giving up but if you truly believe and have faith over time your dreams or affirmative feelings will manifest. Take my word for it, I have zero credentials :)